Introducing: Clink with Colleen

By Christy Knell
September 13, 2022

We had long heard about Colleen Cushman before meeting her in real life—the private event mixologist who is funny, charming, and definitely an addition to any house party. One of our members even said that her and her friends are now eager to plan parties JUST to have Colleen behind the bar. So we’re more than delighted to have Clink with Colleen behind the HudCo Bar this Thursday night, 9/15, for Ardsley Moms Drinks. NOTE: One does not need to be a mom nor live in Ardsley to come and enjoy a night out!

It’s time to get personal with Miss C. Read on…

What inspired you to create Clink with Colleen? How is the experience different for you from bartending for a restaurant/bar?
My sister Alana inspired me to start the business—she is a photographer by trade and has incorporated marketing into her skill set, and she helped me bring this dream into a reality with the name, website, etc. I have been bartending for almost 15 years, and for almost a decade I have been bartending private events for my regulars. Private events for me are more intimate; sharing people’s most special and memorable life moments. I have a deep passion for the creative aspect of beverages; the cocktail constructing, the beer brewing and the wine making. Turning ideas into reality for people on their special day brings me joy.

What are your go-to cocktails that please a crowd? And what’s new and exciting to you in the spirits world?
My go-to cocktails for the fall typically center around two main themes—the first being apple cider and pumpkin pie. I love a good Apple Cider Sangria; it’s always a delicious crowd pleaser. The second theme is a spinoff of a Boulevardier and Negroni. I love creating a delicious mezcal Negroni which brings a aromatic smokiness to the cocktail, which warms you up on a fall evening. For the Boulevardier, I prefer to switch the Campari out with Aperol to give the cocktail a less dry and lighter mouth feel.

My new favorite spirit is Cayeya; it is a tequila from San Juanito de Escobedo, Jalisco, Mexico. This tequila made by a female destildora (Sandra Gomez) is an incredibly well-balanced blend of citrus and rich agave creating a super smooth blanco tequila. Another fun fact—their glass bottles are all hand made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles, the corks and hand tags are also made from recycled materials making the packaging 100% sustainable.

What can someone expect from a Clink with Colleen experience?
Clink With Colleen takes your special event to the next level. With kind and knowledgeable staff, your guests are guaranteed to have an amazing time! We customize specialty cocktails to your palate and create a fun and energetic environment. We offer the ability to create unique shrubs, syrups, and bitters to truly make your cocktails unique.

OK, more about you… What do you do for fun? Where might we find you doing you on the weekends?
I love the outdoors! You can typically find me with my husband Jon and our lovable pup Ramen (aka Beans), strolling the walking paths around the Rivertowns or hiking the near by mountains. My favorite local-ish hikes are Storm King and Anthony’s Nose (my husband proposed to me there!).

How do you get moving? What do you do to stay well mentally and physically?
Every morning I meditate, read for 20 minutes, then take a walk with Ramen while listening to Eddie Pinero, a motivational speaker. I love to walk, so I am constantly staying active. For my mental stimulation I am huge book worm who loves to learn. A big part of my daily mental upkeep is setting and writing goals and daily affirmations. I truly believe that what you put into the universe you will receive back ten-fold.

Tell us your favorite local businesses!
On most days you can find me visiting my favorite local spot Climbing Wolf. Ramen will more often than not be found sitting in the chair by the large picture window while I sip on my tea, work, socialize with friends, or enjoy a crispy cold beer after a long day. The brothers Chris & JB have been a vital part in connecting people in this community while maintaining a fun and friendly environment with the most amazing staff and top products. I jokingly tell people it is an extension of my living room because my husband, dog, and I frequent the place so often.


Come meet Colleen this Thursday at the HudCo Bar (September 15, 8-11p), and follow her on Instagram or visit clinkwithcolleen.com.