Slideshow: HudCo Gallery Reception

By Christy Knell
April 24, 2022

With our expansive walls and talented community, we’ve been so thrilled to be home for so many pieces by artists Darcy Briks, Michael Delaney, and TB Ward. But meeting the artists themselves, engaging in conversation, makes one’s relationship with the art incredibly deeper—the hands that created the brushstrokes, the minds that envisioned the compositions, the time and energy attributed to an actual person, a friend. 

We gathered on Friday, April 22, 2022, to celebrate these artists, to see even more of their work that doesn’t easily fit in the space on the day-to-day, and to develop relationships with both the artists and fellow art lovers. Our longtime collaborator Gus Stratigeas was there to capture the moments.

It’s not to late to add their work to your personal collection—click below to see what’s still available.