Photo Gallery: Conversation on Cannabis

By Christy Knell
April 07, 2022

Take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of an entire new, massive business sector being developed and implemented right before our very eyes. There are people out there taking an immense underground, unregulated, and unjust industry and transforming it into something as potentially as everyday and ubiquitous as wine and spirits.

We hosted some of the most influential figures of this momentous shift at our Conversations on Cannabis event on March 31, 2022—which coincided with the one-year anniversary of New York’s legalization of recreational marajuana. We also brought together some of our favorite brands so guests could discover new favorites and try out new products.

Our sincerest thanks goes out to our panelists—advocates who opened our eyes to all of the work being done behind the scenes and all of the opportunity this special plant has to offer:

and, the organizer and leader of our panel:

Elana Frankel, Author, Women & Weed, and Founder, Indigo + Haze

More thanks go out to the brands who participated (which included many-a-HudCo member):

Fellow member Camila of Living Notes Photography was on hand to capture the moments: