Meet Erin Andersen—Career Transition Coach

erin andersen career transition coach
By Christy Knell
January 27, 2023

Back in November, I attended a stunning, intimate dinner hosted by Hannah Nieves and Ashley Naum at This Hudson Studio, where I enjoyed a lovely meal alongside career transition coach and LinkedIn expert Erin Andersen. She told me her story, about her career in finance, transitioning out of that toxic work environment, and wanting to help empower others to do the same. She also made me wonder what I might be missing from not engaging more on LinkedIn—she’s a trained strategist for the platform, helping individuals and small businesses create profiles that attract leads and clients. 

On Thursday, February 2, at 5:30pm, join Erin and I for an evening of networking amongst fellow local professionals, followed by Erin’s workshop on how to boost your self and your brand on LinkedIn. And since we always like to get a little personal with the experts who come to HudCo, I connected with her to dig a little deeper.  

It was so nice to meet you at Hannah’s studio, and we’re excited to have you at HudCo. Tell us—have you ever been to the Rivertowns before? Have any Westchester connections?

Glad to be presenting at HudCo! I am actually from Westchester originally, and lived there for 14 years. I grew up mostly in Yorktown Heights, but I am originally from Croton-on-Hudson.

We love talking work-life balance. Describe your average weekday—how does work, life, and wellness fall into the day?

Really great question—since this is very important to me. I grew up dancing for 15 years and have always worked dance into my life in some way. I do DanceBody 5 to 6 times per week in Tribeca (which I highly recommend!). It’s a great balance of toning, strength, and choreography. I work a full day Monday through Thursday, so Friday is my day to take it easy. I enjoy a monthly facial at Glowbar. In the evenings, I try to read a casual, easy-read novel, while the mornings I use for personal development—journaling, reading a business book, etc.

What’s a good story you have about how one of your clients has used LinkedIn to benefit their career or business?

Just one?! Okay, I have to share just a few if that’s okay: I worked with a business owner of 17 years to help rebrand him for the corporate world and transition into a brand strategy position, I supported a seasoned corporate professional during a transition and nearly doubled her salary (Ed Note: WHOA).

Most recently I worked with a judge who also runs a consulting business and non-profit, and I helped condense everything she did into a cohesive, yet intriguing easy to understand brand on LinkedIn. I also achieved ranking a tech CEO and founder in the top 2% of his industry in Atlanta on LinkedIn.

What’s the most surprising thing about using LinkedIn that’s different from Instagram or Facebook or TikTok?

I LOVE this question because I’m a writer—it’s the fact that LinkedIn is the one true platform left (besides blog hosting sites) that users still go on to actually consume content (yup, the LinkedIn users WANT to read). They aren’t logging onto LinkedIn to watch 10-second dances or Canva-designed marketing images. They want to hear your story and, most importantly, they are subconsciously trying to determine how they can relate to you.

And finally—what’s your go-to warm drink of choice in the winter? (We can have Varian of 813 Coffee prep it for you on arrival if it’s espresso-related!)

I’m a coffee drinker for sure! I love that you have a coffee shop right in your workspace—I can’t wait to check it out!!