Meet Kerri Demitrovic, Physical Therapist

By Christy Knell
February 17, 2021

Kerri Demitrovic just radiates positivity. When she’s in the HudCo office, you can see her smiling eyes and sense her healing powers, even from six feet away. It’s quite clear that Kerri is in an appropriate profession—treating pain and suffering through her practice Kinetic Dynamics Physical Therapy.

Maybe it’s her heartland upbringing: “I grew up in Kansas,” Kerri said. “My mom made her own summer camp where my siblings and I would be tubing down a river and hiking by 11AM on hot 100-degree days. I’m not in Kansas anymore, but today I am thankful to help people move more freely, as well as move with my husband, three girls, and dog Willow in the beautiful outdoors of Dobbs Ferry.”

Find out more about Kerri below!

Via Viaggio Fields

What brought you to physical therapy?

Growing up, my family was constantly on the move. So when a high school injury sidelined me, I felt physical pain but also the pain of isolation as life continued whirling past me. Years later, this experience led me to a career in physical therapy and a passion for helping people move more freely.

What’s your specific expertise? Who would benefit most from a session with you?

My goal is to help people move forward and more freely….without pain. People that would benefit most from a session are: people who are tired of the limits that their pain is putting on their movement and on their lives. They are ready to take action but are sometimes unsure of how to start to break from from their pain to move with more purpose, pleasure, and possibility. I am credentialed in the McKenzie Method which is an internationally proven approach that begins with a thorough assessment of your specific issues and quickly zeros in on the most effective treatments that can begin to provide immediate relief. This method treats current injuries and pain and helps prevent future reoccurrence.

What makes you/your practice different?

I offer one to one PT sessions which are targeted and customized. My practice also uses proven science credentialed in The McKenzie Method, I offer 24/7 support to my clients… with on-call availability for questions, access to videos, articles, and other tools, and 360º solutions by creating an action plan that takes into account the whole spectrum of your rich and busy life: work, home, play, and exercise to help you move beyond the pain.

Do you have any simple solutions I can do on my own?

Do at least one movement each day. I start my day with a series that consists of both strengthening and stretching and takes less than 10 minutes, or you can do some daily movements at night while watching TV. Do what works best for you, but keep moving.

How do you get moving?

My favorite activity is to hike with my dog Willow. I love to do this because I like to be outdoors in nature and always enjoy finding hills to go up and down while hiking.

Your favorite mental activity?

I like to do daily meditation. I really enjoy how meditation helps to destress. I am a fan of the apps Headspace and Hatch.

Kerri practices out of HudCo’s Wellness Room II on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Connect with her at www.kineticdynamicspt.com to schedule an introductory session.