HudCo Launches Garden Club

October 24, 2020

It was sunny, 70-something, and totally Fall—a BEEAAUtiful day to kickoff the HudCo Garden Club sitting outside our office at Hudson River Landing. Eight club members were joined by Harry Fellows, owner of Mossy Fern plant shop in Hastings-on-Hudson, to hear his tips and recommendations for our Fall garden work. Some of our takeaways:

Plant your bulbs now! Daffodils are great, and will come up first in the Spring. Harry recommends planting multiple types of flower bulbs so that you constantly have something new sprouting up—Allium is a great, deer-resistant bloom that could come up after the daffodils.

Clean up your garden and mulch now. Harry recommends Mulch Master—because it’s really just hay. Cut your peonies down all the way now if you haven’t already. Red clover is a good cover crop for the off-season.

Plant or relocate evergreens. Fall is a great time for this, because the soil stays moist and the evergreens are happy. Some of Mossy Fern’s options include this, this, and this wackadoodle guy.

Don’t retire your vegetable gardens just yet! You can still get a lot of lettuces, and Harry has a lot of small cauliflower plants that are ready to go straight into your beds.

We also chatted with each other about our favorite gardening books, many of which Sara has available for sale at Picture Book:

Our Garden Club is for HudCo members only, so join us to connect with other Rivertowns plant-lovers! We’d love to share the love.