Introducing the Chat Room

November 08, 2020

Your 2-hour Zoom calls just got a bit more tolerable. Introducing the Chat Room—a dedicated room designed for private calls and meetings, productive work sessions, and podcast recordings. Available for members at $15/hour through the HudCo DF app and member portal.

This purpose-built room within the HudCo Lounge provides the privacy your work demands while still being among the community. The office is soundproof, with 27 decibels of noise reduction, plus ultra-quiet ventilation to keep air fresh.

This new space is a brand new product from ROOM, our friends who created the gorgeous freestanding phone booths found in the most chic office spaces around the world (and also in our Lounge). With the installation of this new ROOM product, we’re thrilled to be one of the first facilities to ever offer this innovative concept to members.

We’re also extremely excited about the possibilities the Chat Room provides for content creators! The soundproofing in this room is incredible, making it ideal for comfortably recording your next (or first!) podcast. No more dark, padded-wall recording rooms— enjoy the natural light streaming in from the nearby casement windows.

The room is available for reservation by the hour, with 30 minutes padding between bookings for disinfection with our steam vapor cleaner.

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