The Stay Local Membership

October 11, 2020

Join as a Local member (unlimited visits!) and through the end of 2020 you’ll pay the same price as an unlimited monthly Metro North pass—$278 each month!

A Local membership is the easiest way to bring back some balance in your life. Come to HudCo whenever it works for you and as often as you want, grab a socially distanced seat and hyperlocal Giacobean coffee, and find productivity like you haven’t known since college. 

Sign up before the end of October to enjoy this special rate for the rest of this ridiculous year.

It’s time to replace that Metro North card and just work closer to home. Sign up or upgrade now to a Local membership and for November and December we will match the Metro North pass rate.* No commitment beyond 2020 is necessary—when the glorious new year comes around, you can decide what membership is right for you.