The Interview—Denise Darling, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

By Christy Knell
April 07, 2024

New HudCo wellness member Denise Darling, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, has a quiet strength and composure that radiates from within, which we can feel whenever she’s around. She recently expanded her psychiatry practice to the Rivertowns as a wellness member in Room I at HudCo. We asked her a few questions to get to know her more personally and get a feel for her practice.


First and foremost, are you accepting new patients?

Yes! In the nurturing expanse of Revival Integrative Psychiatry, my solo practice, my garden is ever ready to embrace new seeds! With open arms, I welcome those seeking sunlight after the storm, focusing on medication management as our primary tool. Though there’s a wait for talk therapy, like preparing soil for new plants, I encourage all to reach out. My practice offers complimentary consultations, akin to assessing the soil and climate, ensuring a harmonious growth journey. Engage with me via Zocdoc, or my website, and let’s cultivate a path to wellness together, blending the science of psychiatry with the art of personal care.

Photograph by Rodrigo Cid

Is there a particular mental health strategy that you encourage people to practice?

Like a garden, each individual requires a unique blend of nutrients to thrive. My approach, rooted in the diversity of integrative psychiatry, combines the precision of medication with the rich, fertile ground of alternative therapies. Balancing traditional care with innovative treatments like ketamine or TMS, we water the seeds of mental health resilience, fostering a diverse ecosystem where every plant—every patient—can find their strength and bloom.

What drew you toward psychiatry?

The journey to psychiatry was sown in a tempest, marked by personal loss and the resilience observed in nature’s unwavering will to thrive. The passing of my brother, who died by suicide after a battle with schizophrenia, was a storm that uprooted my very being, revealed the imperative of mental health care and wellness. Later, experiences in hospice and palliative care—tending to souls at life’s threshold—deepened my resolve to nurture growth and resilience amidst life’s harshest climates, guiding my hand as I tend to each soul in my care.

Tell us more about your specialty.
Revival Integrative Psychiatry stands as a greenhouse where traditional medications intertwine with the healing whispers of alternative modalities. My journey, laden with its own quest for healing, has instilled a profound empathy and understanding of each individual’s unique landscape. Here, in our garden, diverse therapies flourish—from the gentle touch of acupuncture to the transformative power of EMDR and TMS, each a tool to nurture and guide our journey toward revival.

Tell us a little bit about you! What are your interests, hobbies?
Beyond the bounds of my practice, my life brims with interests that mirror the principles I cherish in my practice. Gardening, especially on my former Brooklyn balcony, has become a metaphor for growth and resilience, teaching me patience and care—qualities I bring into every consultation. My passion for travel, particularly medical missions, enriches my perspective, allowing me to see the diverse tapestry of human experience. Culinary adventures, exploring new flavors, and dining experiences are akin to the variety of therapeutic modalities I explore with my patients. Each hobby and interest, from nurturing plants to engaging with different cultures, reflects my commitment to growth, understanding, and the holistic well-being of those I serve.

Where are you from? How did you end up here in Westchester?
I am from Westchester! My path has traveled through diverse landscapes, from the D.C.; Maryland; and Virginia (DMV) area to the welcoming re-embrace of Westchester. This journey, with its movements back and forth, reflects the natural rhythms of a garden, always guiding me back to the rich soil where my roots lie deep. Westchester is more than the place I’ve chosen for my professional endeavors; it’s the ground where my personal development thrives.

What are some of your favorite local spots?
I enjoy visiting local restaurants with colleagues, exploring our area’s diverse culinary scene. I’m also fond of spending time in public libraries for both relaxation and research. Walking across the Cuomo Bridge to Rockland County and enjoying the trails in Westchester are some of my favorite outdoor activities, offering moments of reflection and connection with nature.

Embark on your journey of revival with an intake visit with Denise. Connect, discuss your unique path, and develop your personalized treatment plan toward renewal. Explore how you can collaborate to bring about positive transformation in your life.