Meet the Maker: Sasha Skon of Sasha’s Seafood

By Christy Knell
January 17, 2021

Like so many others, Sasha Bernstein Skon had to reimagine her career when the pandemic hit. After 15 years working in the restaurant industry, the HudCo member shifted gears and decided to embrace her fishmonger roots. “My stepdad, David Samuels, brought—and still brings—home the day’s best from the market for us to cook and eat as a family before returning to Fulton Fish Market at midnight to work,” Sasha says.

And the Rivertowns couldn’t be happier. Her newly launched business Sasha’s Seafood not only gives our community access to the best seafood on the East coast, it also helps us to prepare and enjoy at-home seafood when…well, we are all stuck at home. 

What do you love about launching your new business?
I get connect with people on a different level and meet so many members of the community during a time where we have to be apart.

What’s your favorite seafood dish for the winter season?
My favorite winter seafood dish might be steamed clams with greens and crusty bread. They were in the Sea Society box last week and it was fun to see photos of what people did—they’re so brothy and flavorful, they kind of become a perfect cozy bowl of soup goodness by doing very little.

Do you have a favorite song for when you’re cooking? 
I love pouring a glass of wine and putting on Ane Brun “Do You Remember” or Louis Prima, depending on the vibe.

What’s a fun fact about Sasha’s Seafood?
Darcy Briks (a HudCo Member!) and Second Language Design created the Sasha’s Seafood logo. We met the first day of preschool last year, but when I saw her helping someone with branding at HudCo it planted a seed. She was the first person I thought of when I realized I needed a logo! I hired her in September and had a lot of fun exploring ideas, and she took a super hands-on approach which I love. She’s a Sea Society member! She’s awesome.

You can find Sasha’s Seafood at TaSH Farmers Market on Saturdays, or order online for a midweek pickup. HudCo members receive 10% off a Sea Society Membership—choose the option of a seasonal or annual fresh seafood subscription. (Find your promo code in the member portal.)