Meet Varian and Herlyn of 813 Coffee Co.

By Christy Knell
December 04, 2022

We designed HudCo with a bar for a reason—in hopes that talented folks from the beverage world would find themselves drawn to that bar and want to bring their magic to the masses from that bar. So we’re excited to announce that Varian and Herlyn of 813 Coffee Co. have just begun a month-long pop-up residency to serve delicious, women-produced fair-trade organic coffee. 

This lovely couple took a minute out of their time with their new baby to answer a few questions so we could get to know them a little better.

What brought you up to the Rivertowns? Why did you choose to settle here?
Lyn and I have always enjoyed visiting towns in the Hudson Valley area. When we started looking for our first home, we wanted to find a place that has a great school system and that was still relatively close to the city. We discovered Dobbs Ferry during our search and when we first viewed the home (we live in now) we knew that we had found the place where we wanted to grow as a family.

How is life with a newborn???
Life with our newborn baby girl is an incredible experience. There are obviously changes that we have to navigate through, but we are learning how to take care of our baby while still caring for one another in this new season. For us, having our first baby is a wonderful blessing and we are cherishing and enjoying this new chapter of our lives.

How did you get the name 813, what’s the significance?
When we first started dating, we were actually in a long distance—Varian was in New York while Lyn was in Iraq for work. August 13 (813) is when we officially became a couple and that marked a very special time in our lives. We also met at church and share the same faith; 813 comes from a bible passage that is foundational in our relationship. Matthew 8:13 says “Go; it will happen just as you believed.” When we launched our company, it was a huge step of faith on our part and naturally, we decided on the name 813 Coffee Co.

What were you doing professionally before launching 813?
Before launching 813, Varian was working for a number of specialty coffee companies in Manhattan, New York. Meanwhile, Lyn was and still currently doing work for the United Nations.

How are you doing coffee differently? What’s your approach?
We source coffees that are all women produced from Café Femenino, a green coffee production program that is a oneofakind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting women coffee farmers across the world. Café Femenino provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms. We say we serve coffee that makes a difference because we get the opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of women coffee farmers around the world.

What do you do to stay well—mentally, physically, spiritually?
Physically, Lyn used to be an avid yoga practitioner and is slowly getting back into it after the birth of our baby. Varian loves to run and enjoys listening to podcasts and reading books. Lyn also loves to bake delicious treats. Spiritually, Varian and Lyn are both active in our faith and in our church.

What is something you’ve discovered in the Rivertowns that has made you happy?
The community here in the Rivertowns; we have found that the people are kinder and more caring of one another. We have always wanted to build a stronger connection with our community and we are very happy to experience the community here in the Rivertowns.
Visit 813 Coffee Co. from Monday through Thursday, 9a to 2p all throughout December, and follow them on Instagram or visit 813coffeeco.com.