Meet Liz and Trinity, HudCo’s Experience Coordinators

By Christy Knell
December 14, 2023

Meet these soon-to-be familiar faces, Liz Kranis-Gomes and Trinity Godfrey, the newest additions to our team. These Experience Coordinators are here to ensure every visit is a delight. And they have some great stories to tell…

Liz, as someone who grew up in the city, how did you decide to make the move up here to Westchester?

LIZ: I always knew I wanted to live in the suburbs—landing in Westchester was lucky! I loved growing up in the city, but I watched so much Lifetime Network and Hallmark Channel. I knew that once I had children, I wanted them to grow up with the pretty schools, the friendly neighbors, and the immaculately decorated houses for every holiday and season.

And Trinity, I know you’ve lived in a few different places, but what place feels most like home? And how did you land in Dobbs Ferry?

TRINITY: I have moved around quite a bit. Home for me is Pittstown, a super tiny town in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I came to Dobbs in September 2022 when I started school at Mercy University. I double-major in Marketing and Data Analytics. 


What type of work have you done in the past that you love to talk about to this day?

LIZ: Initially, I was a preschool teacher for 4s and 5s in the West Village, and absolutely adored those years! I met and worked with a woman who became and still is, one of my dearest friends.

What’s an experience you’ve had that shaped who you are today?

TRINITY: Growing up I moved around A TON, but my move to San Francisco in 2021 shaped me the most. I had to adapt from small town living to living in one of the biggest (and iconic) cities!

Tell us something funny or interesting about your upbringing.

LIZ: When I was about 5 or 6, I dressed as a “mom” for Halloween—which was a skirt, button-down shirt, a little makeup, and carrying a baby doll. I immediately realized that carrying a doll while trying to trick-or-treat was bothersome, so I handed the doll to my mom. After that, every question at the door to me was “And what is your costume?”

What sort of media are you currently digesting? 

TRINITY: Right now I am in the middle of reading The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave and it is GREAT! Highly recommend if you like mystery (but not scary) books.

What do you do to keep healthy—mentally, physically, emotionally?

LIZ: In trying to keep healthy, I go for early morning walks and or runs (Saturdays are my favorite days for that!). I do not to take all of the amazing things in my life for granted. I try to find time to sit in a quiet space with no distractions, to literally just zone out and disconnect for even a few moments.

What’s your go-to weekend dinner spot?

TRINITY: My go-to spot for weekend dinners in Dobbs is definitely Tomatillo.

What’s something you could talk about for hours?

TRINITY: Taylor Swift—and my dogs!