Meet Dr. Lilly Magid, Clinical Psychologist

By Christy Knell
December 17, 2023

The HudCo work environment is unique in its proximity to wellness services like psychotherapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy practitioners. So we are excited to introduce Dr. Lilly Magid, a licensed clinical psychologist now practicing in Room I on Tuesdays and welcoming new clients.

I know mental healthcare has leaned into the virtual offerings since the pandemic. Are you hoping to build back your in-person practice? What benefits does it bring to be IRL?

During my years of training, I never considered that my job would entail staring at a computer screen, and yet I have not seen someone in person since 2020! I relocated to Westchester during the pandemic, so most of my patients still reside in the city. Virtual work has allowed us to maintain our therapeutic relationship. It has also been a welcome transition for many mothers who do not often have the time or flexibility to commute to a session.

I am personally excited to maintain my virtual practice while being able to offer in-person sessions at HudCo, something I have deeply missed. There is an intimacy to the work that gets lost through Zoom, and I am excited to be able to return to that. Telehealth and private practice can be isolating, and I am looking forward to meeting other professionals and joining this community of bright individuals. 

Tell us more about your specialty.

I specialize in working with women in the perinatal period. The transition into motherhood is a dialectical, physical, familial, relational, and identity whirlwind. Education around perinatal mood and anxiety disorders is growing and my mission is to both advocate for moms outside of the therapy room while holding a nonjudgmental, compassionate space for each mother I support individually.

I came to this specialty through a history of working with children and adolescents; the family system is deeply impacted by parental mental health. I find great value in not only supporting the parents that I work with, but seeing the impact of a well parent on a family system.

While I specialize in working with predominantly mothers in the perinatal period, I am also experienced in supporting children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with a range of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma and interpersonal conflict. I have extensive training in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and psychodynamic methodologies and integrate both to meet the unique needs of each patient I work with.

Is there mental health work people should consider trying that’s proactive rather than reactive (like because of trauma, an event, etc)?

I love this question. DBT encourages the incorporation of mindfulness into everyday life; the act of nonjudgmentally noticing and remaining in the present moment. Being able to practice staying grounded and descriptive in a world that so often pulls us towards judgments can decrease the intensity of the emotion we may experience. Once we have an understanding of our emotional state from a place of acceptance and self compassion, we are able to modulate (work to change), accept (work to let go of what we cannot control and allow ourselves to truly feel) or cope ahead (empower ourselves to control what we can) from a place of self knowledge. 

Tell us a little about your family life! Where do you live and how did you land there?

I live in Sleepy Hollow. I moved there two years ago from Brooklyn. I am a mother myself and have loved building a community in the Rivertowns. As with many other Brooklyn transplants, we were drawn to the laid back vibe and surrounding nature.
What are you listening to/watching/reading lately?
Recently, I’ve been consuming a lot of news and podcasts around the conflict in the Middle East, as I have personal connections to the area. Trying to balance that with some lighter content like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or comedy specials.
Who are you looking to connect with now that you’re part of the HudCo community?
I am excited to connect with other clinicians and care providers, as well as the community at large! Come say hi if the curtain is open, I’ll be here on Tuesdays for now!