Coworking Supports Well-Being, Says Harvard Business Review

By Trinity Godfrey
December 14, 2023

In a (kinda) post-COVID world, hybrid and remote work have become a part of the “norm.”


It seems like the greatest idea in the world at first—the ability to work from the comfort of your own home, hanging out with your pets, and staying in your pajamas all day (no shame in it!). 


But that initial WOW factor fades very fast.


Soon you’re feeling lonely, isolated, and distracted by everything—laundry, the speck of dust in the corner, your kids when they get home from school, the super comfy bed and couch, easily getting sucked into your phone scrolling through videos of cats on TikTok. 


The good news is that when that initial sheen does fade, coworking clubs have your back. 


What is a coworking club you might ask? Coworking clubs or flex office spaces are your way to work from home, but away from home. Places like HudCo in Westchester County, New York, and other coworking clubs have been proven to have a multitude of benefits in this new age of WFH. 


Studies, like this one from the Harvard Business Review, have shown that coworking spaces are a solution to feelings of loneliness during work hours. 64% of people even reported that a coworking environment was more socially rewarding than a traditional office space, possibly because “a coworking space offers not just the flexibility employees crave in terms of where they work, but also with whom.”


Coworking clubs offer a different type of flexibility and homey comfort while still keeping that social aspect we humans crave. And the coworking community leads to the next amazing benefit—being able to connect with people in all different types of professions, from finance to marketing to wellness and health. 


Whether you’re an outright extrovert or a leave-me-alone introvert, you are bound to meet some great people in a coworking space. You’re able to meet a diverse group of people from all different career paths, without the competitive nature and corporate ladder environment of regular offices. Most coworking clubs hold events where members can mingle and network, without the pressure of your boss looming in the corner or feeling judged on your professional performance.


Joining a coworking space allows you to enjoy the freedom and relaxed atmosphere of working from home, without all of the dreadful distractions, and still gives you the social environment of a typical office (but better!). 

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