Live Art and Vinyl—A Slideshow

By Christy Knell
September 18, 2023

Three local artists responded to the prompt of “Reimagine a famous piece of artwork” with an hour of flowing brushstrokes, warming blow dryers, and intense focus during last Friday’s Live Art & Vinyl event at HudCo. The three pieces produced will be auctioned off this week on the HudCo Instagram feed to raise money toward three non-profits chosen by the artists.

Frances Sonaly Caro is a Dominican-Puerto Rican Latina fluid artist based in Yonkers. Mainly working with acrylic paint, she incorporates ink, spray paint, and epoxy resin on canvas or wood to create her pieces. Her new piece, “Mother Above Clouds,” is a reimagining of “Sky Above Clouds IV” by Georgia O’Keeffe. Proceeds from her live auction will go to support Kittens And Barbells animal rescue.

Vanessa Pineda Fox grew up on Long Island and graduated from the School of Visual Arts and enjoys working with acrylics and mixed media, exploring handwriting as texture, and seeing how the light play is affected using metallics, mattes, and resin. Her piece from Friday, “Blue over Orange 2023” is a reimagining of Rothko’s “Untitled 1950.” Proceeds from her live auction will go to support The Nature Conservancy.

Stephanie Ventura “Luna Vi,” is a self-taught visual artist from the Bronx. Her artwork, a homage to the divine feminine, touches on many themes that speak to feelings of vulnerability, sadness, lack of confidence, sexuality as well as transformation and transcendence. Her new piece “Rebuilding what’s broken” is a reimagining of “The Broken Column” by Frida Kahlo. Proceeds from her live auction will go to support the Marble Hill Food Pantry.

NY Vinyl & Brew brought their crates of specially curated records for our guests to browse and make selections, Xolo food truck served up delicious plant-based Mexican dinner options, and Clink with Colleen kept everyone sufficiently hydrated at the bar. 

Special thanks to the ever-generous musician Kat Capone for emceeing the evening, and artist Anthony Gaeta for knowing what our artists needed and making sure they had all the right sh*t. Couldn’t do these without y’all.

Our friend photographer Gus Stratigeas captured the evening: