Meet the Maker: Andrea from Adonia Floral Design

By Samantha Barr
May 04, 2021

We’ve been inspired by Andrea Perrone’s arrangements, both live flowers and dried, since she launched her studio Adonia Flora Design in 2019. We’re thrilled she’s joining us for the HudCo Mother’s Day Market this week, Wednesday, May 5, through Friday, May 7, from 9am-6pm, so she can share her designs with the whole community.

Let’s get to know her story a liittle more, shall we? 

How did you start your career in the floral industry?
I studied fine arts and graphic design in New York. That was interrupted when I followed my heart to Milan, Italy, and my professional career took another path. Eventually I returned to the States and worked with several Italian design companies—on the business side of things.

Seventeen years ago, I took a floral arrangement class and was absolutely captivated. Immediately I understood the emotional power of flowers. I began studying at the NY Botanical Garden and freelanced at a few local shops while still working at my corporate job. In October 2019, I took a leap of faith and started my own floral business with a focus on small scale events.

What was the inspiration behind the name Adonia Floral Design?
Adonia is the ancient Greek festival celebrated by women to mourn the death of Adonis. Woman would plant small gardens on roof tops then take the plantings and throw them in the sea—I thought the name was just perfect!

Do your children share the same passion for flowers as you?
I wouldn’t say the same exactly. They appreciate nature and their mom’s passion in different ways. My oldest child will be studying environmental science as a freshman at college in September, and the younger guy is really supportive, helping me set up my Square account so I can sell my arrangements.

Where are your favorite flower-filled spaces to visit with them?
I love the NY Botanical Garden, the NY flower market, pretty floral shops and nurseries. My family can confirm, I can spend hours at garden centers!

Flowers lend themselves to endless possibilities! What are your favorite color palettes to explore?
Very monochromatic, dusty and muted tones, though I understand that not everyone shares this neutral color palette. Vivid colors have a place in my designs for specific instances like my Mother’s Day arrangements. After the difficult pandemic months, (I’ve created) arrangements of soft purples and yellows that reflect a feeling hopefulness for our collective future.

What’s your ideal Mother’s Day tablescape and meal?
Flowers don’t have to be fussy, so a simple grouping of bud vases with a few beautiful flowers can be very impactful. Ideal meal? A bowl of creamy pasta cacio e pepe and delicious wine in the company of the people I love the most—my family.