A Baby Shower at HudCo

By Christy Knell
June 16, 2021

When our fellow HudCo founder Katherine Bagby broke the news to us that she was pregnant with her second child, we just wanted to party. Of course, she shared this with us back in deep Covid, so the celebration had to wait—but that gave us plenty of time to ruminate over the details!

The result was a post-vaccine brunch with 15 of Kat’s closest friends, right here in the lounge area of HudCo. Since we originally designed the space, we had this vision of how the space could transform into a warm and intimate dining experience, filled with greenery, natural light, vintage dinnerware, a chic cake, and, of course, an abundance of fresh-cut flowers (by Samantha Barr of Flower Barr). Camila of Living Notes Photography captured some beautiful moments from the event, which we have shared with you below. 

If you have a baby or bridal shower in the works, we encourage you to visit our site to learn more about hosting your celebration here at HudCo.