Welcome to Physical Therapist Caroline Fieg!

By Christy Knell
October 15, 2023

HudCo is home to some of the top physical therapists in Westchester and beyond. And our community just grew by one more—Caroline Fieg, PT, LLC, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Manual Therapist, Pilates and Tai Chi instructor, and Feldenkrais Practitioner. She’s expanding her NYC practice to the Rivertowns, so anyone looking to develop better self-organization, movement, and control should connect with Caroline to learn how she can help.

I love the story about how you found us. Can you tell it here in your own words?

Sure! A couple of months ago, I was sitting in a quiet cafe, giving myself some mental space to think about the next phase of my career. I decided that what I really would love to strive toward would be to have a practice on a river, and so I started Googling “PT practices on a river” and came upon (HudCo co-founder) Kat’s old website. She was a total stranger to me, but I “cold-emailed” her and asked if she would consider sharing or renting her PT space to a fellow solo-practitioner! I had no idea what HudCo was, but now I have found myself in this awesome place with other PTs and acupuncturists, some of whom I actually knew and worked with in Manhattan years ago!

People find themselves in physical therapy for a variety of reasons—what’s your specialty? What types of issues do you treat most?

I don’t care to specialize, I just want to know how to treat the largest variety of things—and do it well. I have been trained and certified in all kinds of manual therapy, neurological rehab, pelvic floor and motor control. I’ve also been a Feldenkrais practitioner, a Tai Chi teacher, and a Pilates teacher, each for more or less of 20 years. In recent years, my practice has evolved to include many more patients with Cerebral Palsy, Pediatrics and Amputees. In the end, I just want to keep learning, and working with all kinds of people, and patients should always want to open my eyes and make me a better clinician.

Is there physical therapy work people should consider doing that’s proactive—things that can help them through the aging process, perhaps—rather than reactive? 
I would say Tai Chi gives a person a very unique opportunity to learn about the body, safe movement, and internal strength. It is also a great way to improve concentration, which helps with athletic skills like golfing, tennis and boxing.
Tell us about your life down in Brooklyn! Many of us came from there, so bring us along with your typical Brooklyn weekend.
I love Brooklyn! Let’s see, I run the Prospect Park loop in the mornings with an incredible group of women, followed by a cup of coffee and some good laughs on the weekends. Of course, we have every kind of food, ethnicity, music, museums and festivals…and you can bike basically everywhere! But, the best part is being with neighbors—it’s wonderful to see what kinds of paintings, photographs, instruments  and plants decorate their homes, there is an implicit love of art in Brooklyn.
What are you listening to/watching/reading lately?
Generally speaking, I am blown away by Guy Raz. I pretty much follow everything he does. I’ve listened to most episodes of the podcasts “The Great Creators” and “How I Built This.”

Who should reach out to you to connect? Is there anyone you’re looking to meet on your Westchester days?

Yes! I’d like to meet some people who’d like to take a mini hike or walk. It’s so gorgeous!