By Christy Knell
August 06, 2023

In this batch of new members, we have a “Vampire” lover, a fake sneezer, and a guy whose name is Andy. Like, his full name. It’s not a nickname. Read on to meet some of your new favorite people.

Lisa Robinson

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
Profession & Company: Director of Marketing & Distribution at POPSUGAR, Vox Media
Favorite local business: If I’m not at HudCo, you can probably find me at Climbing Wolf coffee shop with my baby, an americano, and a croissant. 
What are you listening to? I’m currently playing “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo on repeat!
Fun fact: I snagged Sweet Enough by Alison Roman from Picture Book last week. I just made the birthday cookies, and I’m thinking the lemon shaker pie is my next project.

Brian Segall

Resides in: Irvington
Profession: Startup Co-Founder of Roil Motor Club for EV Owners (Twitter)
Favorite local business: Garage Pod in Dobbs. There’s something for ALL kids—it’s an incredible, unique, and loving environment.
What excites you most about HudCo? Its an e-bike away from my house.
Fun fact about yourself: Great fake sneezer.

Andy Valdez

Resides in: I live in Riverdale (Bronx). Originally from Brooklyn.
Profession & company:
I’m a software engineer with a focus on mobile at Automattic. They’re the owners of WordPress.
Favorite local business: I don’t have a favorite yet, but Los Ferchos deli makes some good Mexican food. Looking to explore more.
What are you listening to? What I find best is to use social media less and time blocking. Highly recommend Cal Newport.
Fun fact:
My full name is in fact Andy. Not short for anything.