Introducing Some New Members

By Christy Knell
November 11, 2022

We aren’t the type for new member hazing initiations, and we aren’t going to make anyone awkwardly introduce themself to the class. But a handful of new members have volunteered their headshot and bio in an effort to get to know you and connect with others. So reach out!

Dan Cassaro

Resides in: I’m actually in Tappan in Rockland County, AKA “the wrong side of the river”
Profession & company: I am a founder and owner at Young Jerks with my partner Dan Christofferson. We’re a small agency that specializes in packaging and branding, mostly in the food and beverage world.
Favorite local businesses: Karenderya in Nyack for Filipino food, Canzona’s Market in Piermont for Italian Sandwiches.
Current TV show, album, book or podcast that you can’t get enough of?
TV Show: The Leftovers, Season 2, Episode 8. Album: Bad for Good by Jim Steinman. Book: Major Labels by Kelefa Sanneh. Podcast: An Impossible Way of Life.
Fun fact: I just made a board game! It was an idea that I came up with four years ago, and played a ton in the studio with the Young Jerks team who helped develop and make it. During the pandemic we decided to build it together. It has been the scariest and most rewarding thing I’ve done in a while and we’re obsessed with it. It’s a really fun game.

Perry Gold

Resides in: Border of Hastings and Ardsley
Profession & company: Head of Investor Relations at Doximity (Bloomberg/LinkedIn for Doctors)
Favorite local business: Sushi Mike’s! (Dobbs Ferry)
Favorite tip for staying focused: Read Deep Work by Cal Newport
Current TV show, album, book or podcast that you can’t get enough of? The Peripheral, This is Acting by Sia, Lance Spector Series, Freakonomics Radio
What excites you most about HudCo? Meeting new people!
Fun fact about yourself: I lived for a month in Prague between sophomore and junior year of college.

Alexandra Honeysett

Resides in: Tarrytown
Profession: Brand & Communications Strategist and Founder of Human at the Helm. We help business owners and corporate professionals—from tech executives to nonprofits—articulate what matters to them and promote their work in ways that align with those values. We’re offering 15% off our one-day Brand Messaging Refresh and PR and Marketing Roadmap workshops for HudCo members through the end of the year. Email me at alex@humanatthehelm if interested!
Favorite local business: Transom Bookshop in Tarrytown and Picture Book here at HudCo! So happy to see the resurgence of local bookshops.
Current reading material? Can’t get enough of Kate Baer’s poetry book What Kind of Woman (she’s also a great Instagram follow @katejbaer)
Fun fact: My grandfather’s family emigrated from the UK and lived in Long Island before they made their way to Westchester, eventually settling in New Rochelle (where I was born and raised). It wasn’t until after we moved to Tarrytown in 2018 that I learned my grandfather had spent several years as a kid living in the guest house of an estate on Benedict Ave. where his father was the driver for the estate owner. The estate was just three streets away from where we live now.

Malcolm Macdougall

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
About Malcolm: My wife Zizi and I have 3 adults—Malcolm III, Jim, and Lydia, and two grandchildren, Leland & Charlotte. Malcolm and Leland can often be spotted riding around Dobbs on this dutch bicycle. Zizi teaches science at Edgemont and I have a production company called Salt Pond. We also own a 1836 church in the Adirondacks we turned into an arts center (keenearts.com).
For inspiration and to “try” and stay focused: I grab a coffee either at Caffe Latte of Climbing Wolf.
How you get moving: I hate going to the gym, but do enjoy swimming across the Hudson.

Bill Moss

Resides in: My wife (Kathleen Thomson) and I live in Irvington, and have lived here since 1998. We’re nearly “empty nesters,” as our youngest child (a daughter) is now a senior in college.
Profession & Company: I’m a technology consultant—I’m a partner in Lightbridge Partners. We’re software consultants for medium-large size businesses that need dragons slayed… we come in to help organize (or build) a firm’s development team, or build a new system, or help them select and set up outside products. I’ve even acted as a stand-in CTO for smaller businesses.
Favorite local business? Our favorite local business is Geordane’s on Main Street in Irvington. Danni who runs the place always has exactly the food you need. She makes great sandwiches, prepared food, fresh produce, great cuts of meat. We usually host about 30 people for Thanksgiving and we go do Geordane’s to get our oven-ready turkey (and some side dishes) every year.
Current TV show, album, book or podcast that you can’t get enough of? My wife and I just got back from a “do-nothing” vacation where we just binge watched Better Call Saul. Now that we’re back home, we’re going to back up and watch the predecessor, Breaking Bad…. Saul is a show where you really get to love the characters!
Fun fact about yourself: Over the years I’ve travelled (and lately been joined by my family) on solar eclipse expeditions… I’ve gone to the California coast north of San Diego, Curacao, the South Carolina coast, and other places to catch that moment of totality. We’re already planning our next trip to Texas in April of 2024.

Aarthi Muthukrishnan

Resides in: I live in Hastings-on-Hudson with my husband, two daughters (ages 9 and 12) and two cats!
Profession & Company: I run operations for Prime Financial Technologies, a fintech startup. We are building a platform that will make it easier for small businesses to get access to capital they need to grow. I am also on the board of the STEM Alliance, a Westchester-based non-profit organization focused on improving access to STEM education and reducing the digital equity gap in under-resourced communities. Finally, I am also part of the Conservation Commission of Hastings-on-Hudson, with a specific focus on zero-waste initiatives.
Favorite local business? I am a big fan of barre3 in Dobbs Ferry! I started going in late 2020 and it has done wonders for my mental and physical health!
Currently watching? Right now my kids and I are really into Kim’s Convenience on Netflix.
Fun fact about yourself: I am a collector of craftsy/DIY type hobbies. I love to bake, cook, preserve, garden, knit, crochet…the list goes on and I am currently learning to sew.