Meet These New Members

By Christy Knell
November 19, 2023

You just never know who you might see while working at HudCo. This season we have a very creative, multi-disciplinary bunch—read on to meet these wildly interesting new members, and ask Ryan if you need any help with the Nespresso machine.

Liz Batson

Resides in: Hastings-on-Hudson
Profession: Regulatory affairs/drug development consultant at Advyzom, I help small to midsize biotech companies develop their assets and interact with FDA on their behalf. I also DJ and have a channel of some mixes I’ve recorded (listen here).
Favorite local business: I spend more than I care to admit at The Good Witch on their awesome coffee and pastries. Also love the NA wine and cocktail list at Boro6 (both in Hastings-on-Hudson).
What are you reading? After finally reading Autobiography of a Yogi, have fallen down the rabbit hole of reading more things written by Paramahansa Yogananda.
Fun Fact: I was a manager for the UConn women’s basketball team when I went to school there and remain an avid fan.

Dylan Hundley

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
Profession: I am a business strategy consultant and work with early stage startups and some private equity firms helping them with business development, investor relations, and marketing. I also front a new wave/electro pop band called Lulu Lewis. This is a complete second career for me that I’m deeply passionate about. I am also a mom and wife and try to give that all the energy it deserves as well. Trying to do it all! Sometimes I manage, sometimes I don’t, but I’m always striving to be better at everything I do and make sure I am living life as fully as I can. Instagram | LinkedIn
Favorite local business: Terrapin Rose! Beautiful and vibey shop. Love it there. A great blend of the earth and the esoteric.
What are you reading? This past summer I finally read Just Kids by Patti Smith. It was one of those books that you’re just heartbroken to finish because it’s done. Wonderful book about New York, the amazing art scene of the late 60s and early 70s and being a human being finding yourself in the world.
What excites you about HudCo? The community and getting to know other members. So many interesting things seem to be happening here.
Fun Fact: I had a leading role in a cult film called Metropolitan

Nina Pajak

Resides in: Tarrytown
Writer of creative nonfiction and humor, formerly in book publishing. I have no public social handles, but I do have a (neglected) blog I still sometimes update: ninaislosingit.com
Favorite local business: My pal, Sasha’s Seafood! She’s got the best fish, the BEST oysters, and is just generally the sweetest.
What excites you most about HudCo? It’s been so long since I’ve dedicated time and space just to writing. HudCo’s beautiful ambiance and generally calm, welcoming atmosphere has felt like such an incredible luxury as I have begun shifting my priorities back to my career. It’s helped me focus in a way I haven’t in many years.
Fun fact:
I am addicted to sour gummy candy and keep my car’s center console filled with it. I buy it at HomeGoods, eat it at red lights, and never share it with my kids.

Heather Ross

Resides in: I live in Dobbs Ferry, an eight minute walk from the tran station (but a fifteen minute walk home. These hills are no joke!)
I am an artist. I write and illustrate books, design fabric, and work on a wide variety of commissions for things like portraits, murals, and more. Website | Instagram
Favorite local business: I’m already a big fan of The Cookery (in Dobbs Ferry). I love the cozy little bar, and plan to make it a date night regular.
What are you listening to? I love the podcast Heavyweight. Host Jonathon Goldstein helps people find closure to past events that haunt them. The very first episode will hook you.
Fun fact: Nobody ever invites me to karaoke twice.

Myles Spar

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
Integrative medicine physician leader of a national health care start-up. Instagram | LinkedIn
Favorite local business: The Pod (in Dobbs Ferry)
What are you listening to? Huberman


Ryan Tuck

Resides in: I just moved to Ardsley in September all the way from Nashville, TN. I was raised in the wild suburbs of South Jersey and spent five years in NYC prior to Music City. Nice to be back, this time with a yard, a car, a washing machine, and a dishwasher!
I do software engineering at a cybersecurity startup called horizon3.ai.
Favorite local business: Sunshine Bagels in Ardsley, pretty perfect breakfast sandwiches, only thing missing on the menu is pork roll.
What are you reading? Currently reading Lord of the Flies, even more brutal than I remember it being in fifth grade.
What excites you most about HudCo? The Nespresso machine I learned to use today.
Fun fact: I’ve recently become a dad of two and am soon to be a dad of three and am digging it.