Meet the Maker—Diana Bufalini of Fourteen August

By Christy Knell
February 04, 2024

Diana Bufalini is a true Renaissance woman. She’s an extremely popular and skilled Pilates instructor here at HudCo, but she has a varied professional history that includes time as a travel writer, a producer of pop-up shopping events, and a jewelry designer.

It’s been a minute since her last foray into jewelry, so we can’t EVEN with excitement over her new fine jewelry line Fourteen August. Come see her designs this Friday, February 9, from 12-5pm, for our Love A Faire market. 

What inspired you to launch Fourteen August?

The passing of my mother definitely propelled the launch of Fourteen August. I wanted to find a way to share her jewelry with the rest of my family, so we all had a little touchstone of her memory with us. That process brought me immense joy, and by sharing it I remembered how much I love sharing that joy with others.

This isn’t your first rodeo in jewelry. Tell us about your experience in this highly competitive industry.

My love of all things sparkly runs deep and true, so it was a surprise to no-one that I began crafting and selling beaded designs with the launch of my first company, Deen Miele. The pieces themselves were inspired by my career as a travel writer, and the jewelry was embraced by the media. It was an exciting time!

Are there particular films, albums, or places that get you in the creative mindset?

I would say that looking at beautiful art gets me inspired, but spending time in nature is really what sparks my creativity. Shapes, color, the warmth of the sun. Jewelry—especially fine jewelry—is a way to capture a bit of the beauty of nature and hold it close. I like to listen to classical music when I’m working on jewelry. Calming and centering.

We know Pilates is important in your wellness practice—what else do you do to keep healthy, both physically and mentally?

I TRY very hard to meditate—but I must admit to not always being the best at consistency. I love to walk, spend to time with my girls, get away with my friends. I also really enjoy a dirty martini, and I have just decided that is part of my “wellness practice.”

Share some of your favorite spots to shop in the Rivertowns and beyond.

Oh, well I love buying books at the gorgeous Picture Book, she always has such a beautifully edited collection. Bloomy Cheese and Provisions is my go-to for the very best cheese (I subscribe to their cheese of the month club and it is DELIGHTFUL), but it’s also great for elevated gifts.

Who would be your ideal collaborator on a capsule for Fourteen August—and why?

OOOH I am dying to create a line of rich, velvet—and possibly embroidered—jewelry boxes. I would LOVE to collaborate with a textile artist to bring this vision to life.