Member Spotlights

By Christy Knell
January 16, 2022

Within the warm and cozy walls of HudCo, there’s a community of the most inspirational people who happen to also be your neighbors. Say hi to some of these new (and returning) faces around the space.

Sarah G.

Resides in: Edgemont
Profession & company: I am a certified Recovery Coach—@sarahsupports on Instagram (I have to get my website up and running again after being on hiatus for the past 2 years)
Favorite local business:I recently discovered The Little House clothing shop in Hastings; the owner (Danielle) is super helpful and cheerful. And me being someone who hates in-person shopping, going there is always an uplifting rather than overwhelming experience.
My favorite tip for staying focused?
Practicing MBSR daily. It is time well-spent, brain-training to keep me paying attention and returning to presence. I am strongly considering pursuing teaching credentials in this field; it is powerful!

Brenda G.

Resides in: Croton-on-Hudson
Profession: I am a dental hygienist with 24 years of experience, practicing at Hudson Family Dental in Dobbs Ferry for over 10 years.
Favorite local business: Bellacosa Wine & Tapas Bar (Dobbs Ferry), Scaperrotta’s Deli (Dobbs Ferry), By The Way Bakery (Hastings-on-Hudson), Riviera Bakehouse (Ardsley).
Fun fact? I am a mindset life coach focusing on helping women heal from unprocessed pain from their past and thrive in all areas of life.

Bat-Sheva G.

Resides in: I live in Riverdale, in the Bronx.
Profession & Company: I’m a film director and editor. I’m most known for making films that blend dance with narrative fiction. My work has played on ALL ARTS (PBS) and has been written about by the New York Times, LA Review of Books, Forbes and more. I’m currently raising money for a magical-realism feature film and also making branded content.
Favorite local business: I’m new to the area and would love recommendations! Very happy to be here!
Favorite tip for staying focused: I can’t live without the Freedom app, which blocks social media or other lists of sites so I can be free to focus.

Melita L.

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry 
Profession & Company: Tax & Accounting Tax, CPA
Favorite local business? Battaglia’s Deli & Meat Market (Dobbs Ferry)
How do you stay focused? I take a deep breath and put my phone down for an hour at a time.

Angie M.

Resides in: Hastings-on-Hudson
Profession & company: Acupuncturist and herbalist, Keter Medicine
Favorite local business: The Good Witch Coffee Bar
Current album/book I can’t get enough of:
Not very current, but I revisit Bon Iver’s i,i (released in 2019) often, and am reading The Idiot by Dostoevsky for the second winter in a row.