New Member Introductions

By Christy Knell
May 08, 2022

Tulips are blooming, seedlings are emerging, and our membership is growing. We’re excited to introduce you to five of your newest coworkers—or give you some inspiration to join the club.

Rachel Alkon

Resides in: Irvington
Profession & company: Strategic communications advisor to food start-ups like Bowery Farming, Helaina, and CookUnity. (LinkedIn)
Favorite local business: Bloomy—for exceptional spreads, chocolate + other speciality items (I’m lactose-intolerant)
Favorite tip for staying focused?
Movement breaks like walks and workouts to break up the day

Evelisa Franqui

Resides in: I live with my husband and two kids in Yonkers.
Profession & company: I wear many hats. I am the head floral designer and owner of Evelisa Floral & Design, which designs mainly for weddings and events for Westchester and surrounding areas.(Instagram)
One thing you can’t live without right now: Coffee. My cafe con leche is what gets me through the day. Whether it’s designing for a wedding, emailing clients, zoom meetings or even being an Uber for my kids.

John Kaufman

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry (walking distance from HudCo)
Profession: Real estate investor and writer. (Blog)
Favorite local business: Performance Auto, Ryu Renshi-Dan Karate, Rochambeau Liquors
Current TV show you can’t get enough of? Atlanta—but I am always open to suggestions for binge-watching.
Fun fact about yourself? I own mobile home parks and I speak Chinese.

Vance Long

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
Profession & Company: The Skain Group (TSG) – Privacy & Security Consulting (Instagram)
Favorite local business: This is a tough one, as everyone as been so welcoming. It could be dinner at Harper’s, the great book find at Picture Book or beer/coffee at Climbing Wolf, it is tough to pick just one.
One thing you can’t live without right now: For work it would be my OnlyKey, I have not typed a password in four years
Fun fact: I designed and built a set for Cab Calloway.

Susannah Morgan

Resides in: Dobbs Ferry
Profession & Company: SKM Art Advising (Instagram | LinkedIn)
Favorite local business? Since we moved to Dobbs in mid-March, everyone we have met and every business that we have visited has been so amazing and so friendly. But I want to give a special shoutout to Crespo Wine & Whiskey who saved us on our first night in Dobbs Ferry when we couldn’t find our wine bottle opener which we all know is an essential item when you’re moving!
Current listening to? For business podcasts I love “A Well Designed Business.” It’s geared towards interior designers but has a mountain of essential information for anyone in a service based business. For fun I like to listen to “Pod Save the Queen” for all the juicy royal family news and gossip.
Fun fact: I love gardening and learning about native plants!