Meet Jenn LaGrippo, our Community and Events Manager

By Christy Knell
March 12, 2023

We are grateful how some magical people find their way to us at HudCo. Jennifer LaGrippo is one of those people—she’s now stepping into the manager role (as Nicole Vallario steps away to open her brick and mortar shop over in Irvington). 

We’re slowly unearthing some absolute GEMS of experiences that Jenn has had over the years, and we encourage you to chat her up to discover more. In the meantime, get to know her a little more with our Q&A below! 


We are so thrilled to have you joining us here at HudCo, Jenn! You have a wonderful energy that we’re already enjoying so much, and we can’t wait for everyone to meet you. Can you share with the community a bit about how you got here? Like, geographically and professionally.

First of all—stop it ! YOUR energy and the amazing vibe that you, Christina, Kat and the community have created here is so awesome.

I’m Bronx-born and raised on the mean streets of Westchester. I owe my passion for events to the women who raised me because they treated every Sunday dinner like a party. I learned the basics of hostessing, decorating, and even crowd control from the fun and frequent gatherings at my Grandma Janet’s house.

In college, I planned theme parties for my misfit friends, and it became apparent to me that bringing people together was part of my life’s path.

What is one of your most favorite events that you’ve produced? And what would be your ideal experience you’d like to create for our community?

I started with a classic toga party and eventually developed my skills to produce a city-wide scavenger hunt—once I even recreated prom! Shout out to my friends and willing participants for entertaining all of my crazy ideas, without you I wouldn’t have found my career in events.

I’m excited to bring this community together for both fun socials and growth inspired programs here at HudCo (toga not required). A dream of mine is to produce a music festival, a mini-Woodstock, if you will.

What’s a completely random story that would entertain everyone reading this?

A fun fact about me is that I’ve met most of my celebrity heroes like Amy Poehler and Dave Grohl. I danced with Lady Gaga at the 2013 MTV VMA’s and went to an *NSYNC reunion; a memory only topped by the time I spent three days (and two nights) in a movie marathon with Shia LaBeouf.

Two truths and a lie: I found two kittens in a dumpster and now they live with me and control my life. I traveled solo on a cross-country roadtrip for 3 months. I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band 10 times. (LIE: I’ve actually seen DMB 30 times!) 

We always like to hear about favorite local dining/retail locations and how you add movement to your day—can you share yours with us?

I’ve lived in the Rivertowns for 5 years and have never felt more part of a community than I do after being at HudCo. I’m a member at barre3 in Dobbs Ferry and it’s cool to see my instructors hanging out at HudCo after they’ve whipped my butt into shape! When I’m not at barre, I can be found exploring the trails along the Hudson or thrifting at Trilogy Consignment in Tarrytown.

After attending a holiday party at HudCo back in 2021, I left thinking to myself, I need to work here. After a little manifestation, I now find myself exactly where I hoped I’d be: in a place for community that provides a platform for growth and a space for fun sh*t to happen! I’m happy to be here and beyond excited for what’s to come.