The Space You’ve Needed

Within the bone-white walls of HudCo, we saw how much you inspired each other, how you lifted up one another, and how this thoughtfully designed space yielded such productivity. With careful attention to New York State guidelines, we are taking the same thoughtfulness to the use of our spacious office and how we help you feel safe, bring you more balance, and empower you to work.

Physical Distancing

We have always prioritized personal space as integral to the HudCo experience. But to ensure there is six feet between members, we have now designated specific seats to be available by the day for reservation on our platform.

Designated Seats

Members must reserve their seat for the day on the HudCo platform. (Residents and Wellness members get their own dedicated space, just like before.) We’ve chosen seats throughout the space that allow for six feet between members.

Reduced Capacity

We’ve instituted a max occupancy for common spaces in order to ensure more personal space. The Conference Room has reduced seating and is still equipped with Logitech Group video conferencing so you can host online meetings.

One-Way Walking Paths

To create one-way traffic flows, directional signage have been placed throughout the space. You may have to take a new route to the loo, but you’ll get your steps in!

Health and Safety Standards

Staying healthy requires more attention than ever, but we love a challenge. Using concepts being widely implemented in offices worldwide, we are adapting the HudCo space to support the well-being and safety of all members and their guests.

Low-Touch Experience

To help minimize contact on surfaces we all generally need to touch, we now have hands-free soap dispensers in the restroom and kitchen, and our front doors are always propped open.

Enhanced Cleaning Services

We have hired Maria, our new attendant, who will ensure that all surfaces are cleaned between users, plus clean and disinfect the entire space each evening (featuring our new steam vapor cleaner!). Wipes are available to disinfect your area on your own as needed.

Air Quality

We have new HEPA carbon and UV light air filters for Wellness rooms, the Resident Room, the Atrium, and more to increase fresh airflow and reduce the risk of airborne transmissions.

Basic Screening

HudCo staff will be in the café area with our fancy new no-touch thermometer to screen members and their guests as they enter to make sure no one missed their own fever. Our Wellness members will also be screening all of their patients, who are only permitted to enter through the back Wellness entrance.

Everything is temporary.

HudCo was created to be a safe space for members to be productive, inspired, and, most importantly, connected to one another. That’s still our goal, more than ever, so we’re rolling with the punches and adjusting to our new everyday. Come along for the adventure, it’ll be more fun together than alone.